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Nadeem younas corporates is well renowned company from last 4 year we are doing business in various lines now we have expanded our business areas and have newly formed the consultancy on 2019 nyc the real consultancy
situated at lahore provides manpower according to company requirments , the company is specialized in providing best customer service with excellent team work we select the best candidates from different sources like job portales. News paper advirtisments and through referrals and then screen them by taking aninterview .
Our main focus on sourcing the best resume for the company.


Our Service Portfolio

NYC provides you customized services to improve
the day to day running of your workplace and to
reflect the images you want to create for both staff
and clients.
Our Cost effective Facilites Management, provides
you with an ever improving level of service. We
achieve this by integrating with the client’s personnel,
adopting a flexible approach and operating an open
book policy between the clients and ASK Facilities
Management Services.


All of Our Customers Trust Their Success To Us

With over 4 years experience and real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next project. We provide a professional service for private and commercial customers.

Our Services

Our aim is to provide cost efficient construction / procurement on a larger scale, straight from the source & offer civil works / supply solutions in the most demanding environments where lead times and supply locations are challenging. Working as a Civil Works & General Order Supplier, we have commitment, dedication and support of different business professionals and organizations of different fields to ensure best quality services and perfect goods required by our customers.

How can We benefit you?

We have been operating in many cities of Pakistan from 2019.

  • Expedited delivery times.
     Reduction of purchasing headache from market.
  • Take Quotations and Send Purchase Orders for order confirmations.
  • Easy and effective monitoring solutions.
  •  Reduced paper works.
  • Protection against fake quotations or ghost bills.
  • Long term relationships.
  • Vast product varieties.


• To induce a culture within our company that shall create quality conscious environment to achieve Integration of our
total quality process
• To gain distinction through quality
• To achieve standards of the excellence in services, continuous improvement in our performance, to provide quality
products up to our customer’s satisfaction
• To Gain the confidence of our customers thereby achieving market creditability
• Each employee to understand and become involved for delivering their best
• To be recognized as an integral part of our customer’s business
• To achieve this through a clear company focus that encourages creative thinking and customer service from all our


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